Monday, 9 August 2010

ahlal wasahlal wa marhaban bikum ya ramadhan

its take a long time to me in order to re-writing in this blog. i dont know y. maybe my impression is it is more easy to take a look on fb rather than dis blog. but, i still miss to share somthg here.hope this time around, i can write at least once a week.

right now i was writing in hill city hotel ipoh, take a rest after a whole day in polytechnic premier ungku omar coz attending a 2 days microsoft it academy workshop. the 9 poly were selected to become a which it will prepare students and lecturers in facing any microsoft certification programs..furthermore, it provide the poly with e-learning material.insyaallah the poly itself will be a certified training center for mic.hope so.

so what is my role here...actually i dont know haprak pun. but sometime we need to expose our self to somethg the meantime, we need to catch up la what happen,what gonna do and bla2.

so, with me here were my bos,mr.kj,mr driver and mr.ptm. this ptm was a new guy in polisas. i never met him b4.cannot imagine his image in my mind when he had call me last friday to discuss about the trip to come here from kuantan.

why his voice sound like my student voice. rupa2nya, very young and childish person.huhu.+ not matured as a ptm.huhu.

so,to know him better, i need to take some action.i put my self at his age.huhu.mcm bodoh, banyak juga mamat ni termakan trik aku.

will be cont.sleepy.

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